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Featured Educator- Collaborating with IBM in Brown University Global Innovation Masters course- Mike Grandinetti

Mike teaches in Brown’s Masters in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship Program . The Global Innovation course is a capstone experience and Mike has crated a new course to demonstrate to students how large tech companies innovate at global scale.

Featured Educator- Generating Ideas for Change- Mike Grandinetti

His students are ever so thankful for the privilege of working with him. Allison Ziehr, a dual degree student in MIB and MIM, and part of the dedicated team of organizers, admits that organizing the hackathon was “a great learning experience for all of us.”

Rutgers MBS Students Thrive in Microsoft Design Thinking Product Externship

As we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the first customer shipment, on 29 June 2007, of the revolutionary Apple iPhone, the most transformative & successful product in history, we are reminded yet again of the extraordinary power of Design Thinking.

Managing the Mental Toll During an Epic Market Inflection Point

Being an entrepreneur is an act of both courage and craziness during the best of times. Failure rates of startups are upwards of 90%. In the wake of a historical inflection point, such as the dot com implosion of April 2000, the great recession of 2008-2009 and now, the global COVID-pandemic, challenges increase by orders of magnitude.

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Empathy Sparks Innovation: How Lawyers Can Learn From Entrepreneurs

Human-centered design has long been a successful tool for entrepreneurs and innovators for greater customer satisfaction. A parallel approach through “human-centered lawyering” can serve lawyers and clients to reach the best solution to each individual problem.

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Stanford -Berkeley panel on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Experiential Education, Intensive Mentorship, & Design Sprints for hands-on student learning

In the world of tech, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership, few people are as active as innovation expert Mike Grandinetti, an award-winning strategist and creator of MBS’s signature Design Innovation course—a project-oriented class in which students learn fundamental aspects of human-centered, iterative, and prototype-driven processes for breakthrough innovations, as well as key business aspects of product commercialization.

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CIO-led innovation and Digital Transformation panel

Think Outside the Odds Book Launch: Empowering Underdog Entrepreneurship

Innovation X Roundtable – Got Tech Innovation? CIOs Share Best Practices to for the Digital Transformation of the Workplace

Join us for an Innovation X Roundtable featuring CIOs from top companies that will share their insights on how their roles can effectively lead innovation programs in their firms, while providing effective security. The panel will also discuss strategies for achieving top-tier infrastructure and how their companies have been successful in partnering with startups, venture capitalists and private equity funds to accelerate innovation. 

Future of DEI in Tech with Thought Leaders from Nike, Tesla, Deloitte, Intuit, and More

Transformational Leadership with Mike Grandinetti

SHHHH….Three Secrets to New Venture Mentoring Magic: Insights from Silicon Valley and Beyond

What makes a team of Silicon Valley entrepreneurship mentors go from good to great, and even magical?

This past Spring, UC Berkeley assembled its first all virtual mentor team of eight highly dedicated serial entrepreneurs and funders for a custom professional program geared to budding tech entrepreneurs in Singapore. The program is hosted annually by the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, where our mission is to empower innovators to positively change the world.

Phame Influence Podcast

Mike Grandinetti talks about innovation in this podcast “30-minutes of Heavy-Hitters in the Business, Marketing, Influence, Music & Entertainment Industries” with Till Paris & Kevin Puckett.

In this podcast, Mike Grandinetti shares information about “Global Venture Catalyst”, a new hands-on, entrepreneurial education initiative they’re launching to provide 500 engineers, technical students, and business school students around the world a transformative experience to work in diverse teams to develop new hight-impact projects.

Announcing Global Venture Catalyst, an Exciting New Entrepreneurial Education Project with Ihklaq Sidhu, PhD and Mike Grandinetti

In this episode, Ihklaq Sidhu, PhD and Mike Grandinetti share information about “Global Venture Catalyst”, a new hands-on, entrepreneurial education initiative they’re launching to provide 500 engineers, technical students, and business school students around the world a transformative experience to work in diverse teams to develop new hight-impact projects.

The Convergence of Innovation, Technology & Higher Education

I’ve spent the last 25+ years working at this extraordinary point of convergence as a Professor, faculty member & mentor at some of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions, in addition to my simultaneous roles as a serial tech entrepreneur, innovation consultant, hackathon leader, startup mentor and board member. The changes that have occurred in the way in which innovation is taught, starting in 2007, has been profound. 2007 is an especially important year and inflection point for innovation based on two critical events. The launch of Apple’s iPhone democratized technology, while the sub-prime mortgage and banking financial crisis spiraled us into the “great recession.”

This created long-terms impacts on innovation as we know it.

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Leading Innovation Educators Launch Global Program Connecting Tech Students to Professional Mentors and Opportunities

BERKELEY, Calif.BOSTON and MADRID, Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Leading educators Dr. Ikhlaq Sidhu of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology at UC Berkeley, Dr. Paris de l’Etraz of the IE University Venture Lab–the largest business school startup accelerator in Europe, and Mike Grandinetti, a serial tech entrepreneur and long standing entrepreneurship educator, currently affiliated with Brown, Harvard, MIT and other institutions as a faculty member, fellow, advisor and mentor, today announced the Global Venture Catalyst (GVC)™ program, a free opportunity connecting undergraduate technical students from the world’s top-ranked universities with industry educators, mentors, and employers.


GVC is for technology-focused undergraduates, MBA students, and experienced mentors to connect and pursue new ventures and corporate opportunities. Work in global teams, based on AI -optimized matching, to build friendships, expand professional networks + future career opportunities. On-line and intensely interactive. 500 Global Students. Owning your own future.

BOSTON TV News 5 Chronicle Trends Episode: Future of FinTech 

This year, professor, entrepreneur and host of the “Disruptive Innovation” podcast, Mike Grandinetti says peer-to-peer payments will continue to explode. Last quarter, one of the more popular digital payment methods – Venmo – processed more than $27 billion in payments. The Cash app and Zelle are growing, as well.

Preparing for & Competing with Tech Titans of China

naviHealth  Hackathon

What the news media is doing to defend against deepfakes

Mike Grandinetti’s thoughts on how to combat the growing use of “deepfakes” to mislead the public & discredit major public figures is shared in the linked article. Along with staff at both the hashtagWall Street Journal & the hashtagWashington Post, two publications that adhere to the highest standards of journalism, I share insights about this alarming new trend. Unless managed effectively, it will have a material effect on the 2020 election & far beyond & further undermine our faith in journalism.

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Hope in Hack-for-Humanity

When Professor Mike Grandinetti first realized that students need to be more aware of the business realities happening throughout the world, he decided to have a Hack-for-Humanity Hackathon. According to him, to hack is to “create a quick solution to a problem.” The other word, he mentions, is marathon, which he defines as “a fast-paced demo.” With this coinage, hackathons accelerate innovations, lending humanity the ability to propose groundbreaking solutions with the right guidance and motivation. Having supervised several Hackathons for many years, Prof. Grandinetti believes that solutions come from intense brainstorming breakthroughs with optimistic collaborations.

Rutgers Leading Disruptive Innovation Participant Testimonials

Hult Entrepreneurship Challenge Finals Competition for Masters in Marketing

Keynote Speech: A Billion Bit by Bit: How to get to a Billion in Revenue the Agile Way

Keynote Speech: A Billion Bit by Bit: How to get to a Billion in Revenue the Agile Way

Ethics in AI – Fireside chat with Susan Etlinger

GMT20181115-200749_Kevin-Mart_640x360 from Mike Grandinetti on Vimeo.

AI for Good – Hackathon

Here’s How Your Brand Can Make The Most Of User-Generated Content

With such a high audience demand for unique, engaging content, it can be overwhelming for brands to keep delivering what their target market wants. One simple strategy that many businesses have adopted is to take advantage of user-generated content (UGC). Not only does UGC help keep your content calendar full, but it makes your audience feel like they’re truly part of your brand experience.

Masterclass on Disruptive Business Model Innovation at MIT

I’ll be teaching a 4.5 hour Masterclass on Disruptive Business Model Innovation at MIT on Monday 5 November. It’s being held in the Tang Center, E51-151, from 530PM to 9PM.

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AI for Good Hackathon Opening Night with Special Guests

Excited to join the organizing team and contribute to this wonderful hackathon, where we’ll be hacking at the point of convergence of AI and social good. I will be giving a talk at the Opening Night Mixer at Galvanize on this theme as well as mentoring during the two day “hack.” Impeccable timing-my entire 8 hour class this weekend -both Saturday and Sunday – is focused entirely on AI.

Sun, October 28, 2018 | 6pm to 10om PT


Special Feature in Hultian Magazine Summer 2018

I’m very proud to be prominently featured in this new issue of Hult’s global student magazine, the Hultian. There are two stories in this issue where I am featured. The first, beginning on page 10, describes the #HackForHumanity social impact hackathon that I organized with the support of some amazing Hult students, and led. The second article is a Faculty Spotlight article that highlights my unique approach to challenging and inspiring students both inside, and outside the classroom. My philosophy, “Teaching is Lighting a Fire, not Filling a Bucket.” It is a blessing to have the opportunity to inspire the next generation to achieve great things. They are definitely up for the task.

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#HandsAndMinds #GlobalGeneration

Inspiring Leadership Doesn’t Come From A Script

Previously, I’ve written about my experiences working for Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, co-founders of Hewlett-Packard. In many ways, they were responsible for defining and introducing the meritocratic-style corporate culture that came to define Silicon Valley and startups worldwide. They were world-class leaders who built an enduring legacy on innovation and respect, all while remaining very open people.

Accelerating Time-to-Value: Fast-Growing Reduxio Implements Priority Engine to Power Pipeline Contribution

Fast-growing Reduxio redefines data storage, management and protection with breakthrough efficiency, recovery and performance. The company understands data’s role in business success, so it’s natural for Reduxio to seek the best possible resource for their marketing and sales teams. TechTarget’s Priority Engine™ provided the insights into real buyers Reduxio needed to deliver more opportunities.

12 Ways To Market To Generation Z

Generation Z is now coming of age and they’ve got a lot of buying power. But marketing to them isn’t easy, because marketing to this generation is unlike the ones before them. Since they are digital natives, their approach to buying is very different.

Become A Great Leader By Working With Great Leaders

When I graduated from Rutgers University with my bachelor’s degree in engineering, most of my classmates joined major East Coast industrial companies. I, however, did something many of them did not consider. Drawn to the unbridled energy driving Silicon Valley and the revolutionary innovation happening in the area’s pioneering companies and research labs, I decided to move west to work for Hewlett-Packard.

Get Smart on Disruptive Business Model Innovation

Disrupt or be disrupted. There is no middle ground. Yet, the pace of disruption is relentless, and many formerly iconic companies have become extinct. The average lifespan of companies has collapsed by 80% since 1960. There is no issue that creates more fear and anxiety for the executive team and boards of directors.

Course topics include:

  • Business Model Deep Dive
  • Multi-Sided Markets
  • Open Innovation, Open Source & Crowd-Source Models
  • The Innovators Dilemma & Defending Against Disruption

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How to Run A Hackathon to Boost Innovation Within Your Company

Mike Grandinetti has attended quite a few hackathons and contrary to popular belief, they don’t all need to be focused on coding. Instead, hackathons can be just as powerful for marketing, sales, and operations teams.

How My Time At A Large Corporation Prepared Me For Startup Success

Large corporations and venture capital (VC)-backed startups exist in parallel universes. I have lived in both of them, observing that both require extraordinary work ethic and dedication while offering intense career growth. But despite their similarities, there are minimal connections between these two universes. That said, my time in the corporate world prepared me exceptionally well for a career as a VC-backed startup C-suite executive.

Demystifying Cybersecurity for Business Executives

Flashback to 1995. Marc Andreessen, a recent University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana graduate and cofounder of the startup Netscape, was committed to providing access to the internet for the common person. Netscape launched the Mosaic web browser, which opened up internet access to people outside of the defense, scientific research and academic communities.
During that era, very few people understood what havoc was about to be unleashed by connecting company networks to the internet. My startup, Raptor Systems, was one of the very first commercial cybersecurity vendors. As the company’s chief marketing officer, I was tasked with educating the market on inherent risks, while positioning Raptor as the vendor of choice for early adopters in this nascent market.

Paving the Way for Future Entrepreneurs and Ten Tips to Make it as One

Introducing Generation G: The Global Generation

As far back as Plato and Socrates, prior generations have lamented the lack of dedication in their successors. Today, discussions surrounding the work ethic of current generations echo the lamentations of these early Greek philosophers, though much of it is baseless. In many ways, the media has drawn artificial distinctions between the millennial generation and Gen Z. Based on my extensive observations and interactions, as a professor and an employer of our future leaders, I think of them as Gen G, or the global generation. Employers who do not properly understand and appreciate this remarkable cohort will never adequately address the skills gap that faces the U.S.

Paving the Way for Future Entrepreneurs and Ten Tips to Make it as One

Entrepreneurship is the equivalent of running a marathon at the speed of the 100-yard dash with high hurdles everywhere along the track. To call it challenging is an understatement of epic proportions. For every gushing article celebrating the successes of the next generation of entrepreneurs, those few companies who successfully raise money on Shark Tank, or even the endless stream of coverage documenting the breathtaking success of the chosen few (Google, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Dropbox), there are countless other companies that never achieve lift-off despite heroic efforts, or that crash and burn after early success. For every Facebook, there are ten thousand failures.

10 Ways Digital Leaders Can Protect Their Teams From Burnout

A little acknowledgment can go a long way.

“When people feel that their work is appreciated and that they are supported, they are fed or energized by their work as opposed to feeling exhausted by it,” said Mike Grandinetti, CMO, and CSO at data management and protection provider Reduxio.

A Day In The Life Of An Early-Stage Startup CMO

Startup culture requires an incredibly specific and unique personality — one that carries a large appetite for juggling multiple roles with the ability to thrive in a volatile environment while remaining relentlessly focused on the company’s vision and mission. Shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley provide a look into the emotional roller coaster that comes with life at a startup.

To take on the role of CMO at a startup is to take on even greater responsibilities. This position demands a keen ability to liaise between the company and the marketplace.

Nominee for the 2018 Rosoff award – the 22nd annual celebration of diversity and inclusion

Arnold Rosoff Founded Arnold Worldwide in 1946 and made it his mission to change the face of the corporate workplace by focusing on diversity and inclusion not only at his ad agency but across New England.

The Rosoff Awards, now in its 22nd year, have come to stand not only for inclusion and meaningful diversity practice but for smart companies and individuals who are successfully changing the face of some of New England’s largest companies and brands. Past winners have represented many industries from finance to healthcare to education to advertising.

A Future of Innovation not Replication

 Saturday 12th of May  6:05 pm – 6:20 pm  The Technical University of Berlin (TUB)

Closing Keynote Speaker: Vested Summit
Conscious Technology Hackathon, Technology, and Startup Conference

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41 Execs Discuss Key B2B Marketing Metrics to Watch in 2018

Email Marketing: emails sent per week, open rates, website visits by source, number of touch-points per nurturing workflow, open rates pr week, CTR per week, contacts enrolled in nurturing workflows, contacts lost per week, etc
Paid Advertising and CRO: cost per lead(CPL) , impressions, clicks, click through rate (CTR), number of conversions, conversion rate, etc.

Diversity or Bust: Now It’s Your Time Female Entrepreneurs

If you were to judge what is happening with gender discrimination and sexual harassment for female founders and entrepreneurs based on what you’ve read in the news, or have seen the many disheartening research studies and articles about the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley, you’d be likely to have drawn a cynical conclusion.

Companies not walking the walk when it comes to diversity, study says

To be truly innovative, “multiple, highly diverse perspectives are crucial,” said Mike Grandinetti, chief marketing and corporate strategy officer at Reduxio Systems. “At Reduxio, we place great value on a fundamental principle: that the best results come from an intellectually stimulating, collaborative environment with highly empowered teams with lots of autonomy.”

 Hybrid Reduxio storage shifts gears to midrange enterprises

Reduxio’s converged primary and secondary storage integrates native tools for data management and protection. Can the hybrid flash vendor turn a profit and pull off an IPO?

Data protection in an era of continuous attacks

“Many of our customers tell us that they are under continuous attack,” says Reduxio’s chief marketing and corporate strategy officer Mike Grandinetti.  “We are now seeing globally coordinated attacks by hostile foreign governments. For example, US Intelligence has established with 100% certainty that the highly publicised WannaCry virus, which took down Honda, Maersk, FedEx and the UK NHS, was perpetrated by the rogue government of North Korea.”

[WEBINAR] The Road to Simplicity: Converging Primary and Secondary Storage

In the space of storing, managing and protecting data, different approaches for handling information are used. The advent of cloud has brought in compelling benefits, but the amount of data that organizations continue to store is growing exponentially, resulting in mostly unrelated solutions that have lead to the rise of Hybrid IT. On the Data Protection side, Businesses increasingly demand 100% uptime with no data loss, or what IDC refers to as the “new race to zero” – 0 RPO and 0 RTO. Such scenarios are still unrealistic for all but the most expensive and demanding applications that can afford fully redundant systems.

Why diversity is the key to winning in the global economy

Of all the hot-button topics in today’s political climate, immigration is arguably at the top of the list. On January 10, more than 100 CEOs of prominent businesses, including Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon, signed a letter to Congress asking for legislation that would enable Dreamers—undocumented immigrants protected under the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival)—to continue to live and work in the US.

12 technologies that will disrupt business in 2018

Companies looking to hire engineers in the field are finding it’s a hard ticket to punch. “Computer vision is the hardest position to fill,” says Mike Grandinetti, CMO and CSO of storage firm Reduxio. “Qualified candidates command $400K salaries,” Grandinetti says, and expect a lot of freedom and, at least at startups, a lot of equity.

The 11 most difficult IT hires today

“With so much going to the cloud it’s becoming very hard to find candidates for on-premises infrastructure roles,” Grandinetti says. “Companies want someone who’s ‘seen it all,’ because security and infrastructure are not great roles to train on the job without a firm foundation on the team.”

Looking forward Industry X.0

The 10th Special Report Looking Forward, published with the Italian edition of “Harvard Business Review” in April 2017, is dedicated to the Industry X.0 and in particular analyzes how the digital revolution changes markets and business models. Professor Grandinetti, in his opinion which ones they are the main areas where innovators are of Industry 4.0 technology must they concentrate?