Problem Framing Talk  at the University of California Big Ideas Competition

naviHealth  Hackathon

Hult Entrepreneurship Challenge Finals Competition for Masters in Marketing

Keynote Speech: A Billion Bit by Bit: How to get to a Billion in Revenue the Agile Way

Get Smart on Disruptive Business Model Innovation

Disrupt or be disrupted. There is no middle ground. Yet, the pace of disruption is relentless, and many formerly iconic companies have become extinct. The average lifespan of companies has collapsed by 80% since 1960. There is no issue that creates more fear and anxiety for the executive team and boards of directors.

Course topics include:

  • Business Model Deep Dive
  • Multi-Sided Markets
  • Open Innovation, Open Source & Crowd-Source Models
  • The Innovators Dilemma & Defending Against Disruption

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A Future of Innovation not Replication

 Saturday 12th of May  6:05 pm – 6:20 pm  The Technical University of Berlin (TUB)

Closing Keynote Speaker: Vested Summit
Conscious Technology Hackathon, Technology, and Startup Conference

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Marketing Innovation Is Not an Oxymoron

April 25, 2018 MARTECH Conference Main Stage Keynote

Great leadership recognizes that organizational design and talent development is a critical piece of delivering creative marketing campaigns that achieve results. Join this talk to learn how Reduxio, a MarTech Stackie Award winner, successfully implemented a disruptive marketing

Disruptive Innovation Copenhagen November 2015.

Disruptive Innovation and cultural transformation

Hult Entrepreneurship club meeting November 2015

Startupfest 2015: “How to stage”

C2MTL 2015: “Freelance Economy & Future of Work”

CEIM/Hacking Health 2015: “Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare”

CEIM 2014: “Human Centric Design”

MaRS Toronto Keynote: Accelerated Growth Bootcamp – Mike Grandinetti

Rutgers Engineering Heavy Medal Awards Ceremony Part I

Rutgers Engineering Heavy Medal Ceremony Part II

Rutgers Engineering Heavy Medal Ceremony Part III