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In the world of tech, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership, few people are as active as innovation expert Mike Grandinetti, an award-winning strategist and creator of MBS’s signature Design Innovation course—a project-oriented class in which students learn fundamental aspects of human-centered, iterative, and prototype-driven processes for breakthrough innovations, as well as key business aspects of product commercialization.

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Microsoft Innovation Tournament

IBM AI Ideathon

naviHealth  Hackathon

Hope in Hack-for-Humanity

When Professor Mike Grandinetti first realized that students need to be more aware of the business realities happening throughout the world, he decided to have a Hack-for-Humanity Hackathon. According to him, to hack is to “create a quick solution to a problem.” The other word, he mentions, is marathon, which he defines as “a fast-paced demo.” With this coinage, hackathons accelerate innovations, lending humanity the ability to propose groundbreaking solutions with the right guidance and motivation. Having supervised several Hackathons for many years, Prof. Grandinetti believes that solutions come from intense brainstorming breakthroughs with optimistic collaborations.

naviHealth Hackathon 2019

Mike Grandinetti recently completed running a successful 3-day hackathon for naviHealth, a national healthcare company owned by the Private Equity firm Clayton Dubilier and Rice. In addition to keynoting the event, and kicking off the hackathon with an inspirational talk on the power of open innovation, Mike also was Chief Mentor, helped assess over 70 submitted ideas and narrowed down to 10 and helped coordinate the judging process.

Babson-Olin-Wellesley #AI4Good Hackathon

Friday, April 19, 2019, at 3:00 PM – Saturday, April 20, 2019, at 9:00 PM 
Needham, MA

The first ever tri-college Hackathon collaboration between Babson College, Olin College of Engineering, and Wellesley College, will be led by Mike Grandinetti, serial VC-backed tech entrepreneur, Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and globally experienced hackathon leader.

Inspired by the B-O-W President’s Three Campus Collaboration Special Call for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Societal Impact.

Register now! Save your spot before it fills out!

Data Governance & Management Hackathon

By Mike Grandinetti & Hult International Business School.

March 23 & 24 2019
Hult International Business School | San Francisco

Register for one of the 3 available tracks:

  • AI Data Management (develop strategic recommendations for Prodago to be able to further penetrate the enterprise AI trend).
  • Open Innovation (create a crowdsourcing business model, that will allow innovators around the world to build and rely on Prodago’s robust platform for their businesses).
  • Anti-Money Laundering (Prodago has created an extremely effective Anti-Money Laundering solution. Brainstorm ideas and recommendations related to this solution).

AI for Good – Hackathon

AI for Good Hackathon Opening Night with Special Guests

Excited to join the organizing team and contribute to this wonderful hackathon, where we’ll be hacking at the point of convergence of AI and social good. I will be giving a talk at the Opening Night Mixer at Galvanize on this theme as well as mentoring during the two day “hack.” Impeccable timing-my entire 8 hour class this weekend -both Saturday and Sunday – is focused entirely on AI.

Sun, October 28, 2018 | 6pm to 10pm PT


Special Feature in Hultian Magazine Summer 2018

I’m very proud to be prominently featured in this new issue of Hult’s global student magazine, the Hultian. There are two stories in this issue where I am featured. The first, beginning on page 10, describes the #HackForHumanity social impact hackathon that I organized with the support of some amazing Hult students, and led. The second article is a Faculty Spotlight article that highlights my unique approach to challenging and inspiring students both inside, and outside the classroom. My philosophy, “Teaching is Lighting a Fire, not Filling a Bucket.” It is a blessing to have the opportunity to inspire the next generation to achieve great things. They are definitely up for the task.

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#HandsAndMinds #GlobalGeneration

How to Run A Hackathon to Boost Innovation Within Your Company

Mike Grandinetti has attended quite a few hackathons and contrary to popular belief, they don’t all need to be focused on coding. Instead, hackathons can be just as powerful for marketing, sales, and operations teams.

Day of Disruption: Changing mindsets across Hult’s global campuses

For the second year in a row, under Professor Mike Grandinetti’s leadership, a Hackathon was also organized as part of the Day of Disruption. This year, it was a Hack for Humanity, and over 100 students, 30 mentors, and four non-profit partners participated.

A Future of Innovation not Replication

 Saturday 12th of May  6:05 pm – 6:20 pm  The Technical University of Berlin (TUB)

Closing Keynote Speaker: Vested Summit
Conscious Technology Hackathon, Technology, and Startup Conference

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Hack for Humanity – Social Impact Hackathon – Closing Note

In this short video, hackathon leader Mike Grandinetti brings the Hack for Humanity social impact hackathon to a close, and each of the 4 non=profit leaders announce the winners of their respective tracks

Hack for Humanity – Social Impact Hackathon – Welcoming Note

The Social Impact Hackathon at Hult International Business School was organized and run by Mike Grandinetti, Professor for Marketing & Innovation at Hult. Find out more: www.hack-for-humanity.com

Hack for Humanity Social Impact Hackathon V2

Hack for Humanity

APril 10th @Hult
Hackathons are where powerful epiphanies and breakthroughs inevitably happen, fueled by a mix of (mostly) youthful optimism and generous doses of caffeine, under an intense, high-pressure deadline. They have become a key “tool” to accelerate innovation by startups and global brands alike. I have been an active hackathon leader for many years, and never fail to be impressed at the power of humanity to create, when properly guided and incentivized.


How to use hackathons to Stand Out

– by Hult Boston MBA 2016 and Reduxio Full-time employee Eyal Worthaler

Many people get the chance to participate in a hackathon, but only a few of these opportunities turn out to have a significant impact on their lives. In my case though, a particular hackathon experience changed the course of my career.

How to Run a Hackathon to Boost Innovation Within Your Company

Hackathons are great learning environments for aspiring entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, marketers and corporate change agents – essentially anyone and everyone involved in the creative process of innovating. This post explores how both participants and companies can benefit significantly from a hackathon and explain how you can start organizing hackathons within your company.

Reduxio GrowthHack Marketing Hackathon – 2017

Mike Grandinetti Mentoring in Reduxio Hackathon at Hult

Mike Grandinetti Mentors Hult Virtual & Augmented Reality Team at Reduxio GrowthHack

Reduxio GrowthHack Hackathon Announcement of Winners

Mike Grandinetti-Keynote: Nestle SHIELD Hackathon Part 1

Mike Grandinetti -Keynote Nestle SHIELD Hackathon Part 2

Reduxio Growth Marketing
Hackathon – 2016

Reduxio Hackathon- Tel Aviv – 2016

MIT Media Lab Virtual & Augmented Reality Hackathon – 2016

Wrapping the Hult Social Impact Hackathon & Announcing 5 finalists – 2016