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How My Time At A Large Corporation Prepared Me For Startup Success

Large corporations and venture capital (VC)-backed startups exist in parallel universes. I have lived in both of them, observing that both require extraordinary work ethic and dedication while offering intense career growth. But despite their similarities, there are minimal connections between these two universes. That said, my time in the corporate world prepared me exceptionally well for a career as a VC-backed startup C-suite executive.

From Startup to Empire: How Disruptive Innovation Fuels Netflix, Uber, and Intuit

Jun 9, 2015 – BostInno sat down with Grandinetti, who shared how early-stage startups can use disruptive innovation to mirror the success of Uber and Netflix, and … Mike Grandinetti has been an expert in disruptive innovation since his introduction to Silicon Valley working as an engineer for Hewlett-Packard Company.

Student Entrepreneurship at Hult Boston – AmericanInno

Mar 19, 2015 – The student community of Hult Boston is quickly becoming part of the mix and recently hosted an event to celebrate and explore student entrepreneurship. The event was organized and facilitated by Hult Professor Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management & Marketing, Mike Grandinetti, in his role as …

Experiential Education in Entrepreneurship – Mike Grandinetti

This article first appeared in Boston Inno, the greater Boston/Cambridge ecosystem’s leading digital publication for all things entrepreneurship, innovation, design and venture capital.

GreenGoose: A True Story of Living the Entrepreneurial Dream

Feb 26, 2011 – From Betaspring to mentoring from Bill Warner at the Cambridge Innovation Center, this is the classic entrepreneurial story of how hard work, frugality, … Update: Check out Grandinetti’s videos from Launch, including GreenGoose on stage, interviews with Brian Krejcarek & Owen Johnson, as well an …

Videos From The Launch Tech Conference – AmericanInno

Mar 1, 2011 – The newly-launched Launch conference (pun intended) featured Cambridge’s ownGreenGoose win an award and catch $100K on stage, $500K in total. Thanks to Mike Grandinetti, we’ve got some video from the event. Enjoy. GreenGoose Wins Best of Launchpad Award / Bill Warner announces $500K …