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10 Ways Digital Leaders Can Protect Their Teams From Burnout

A little acknowledgment can go a long way.

“When people feel that their work is appreciated and that they are supported, they are fed or energized by their work as opposed to feeling exhausted by it,” said Mike Grandinetti, CMO, and CSO at data management and protection provider Reduxio.

A Day In The Life Of An Early-Stage Startup CMO

Startup culture requires an incredibly specific and unique personality — one that carries a large appetite for juggling multiple roles with the ability to thrive in a volatile environment while remaining relentlessly focused on the company’s vision and mission. Shows like HBO’s Silicon Valley provide a look into the emotional roller coaster that comes with life at a startup.

To take on the role of CMO at a startup is to take on even greater responsibilities. This position demands a keen ability to liaise between the company and the marketplace.

Diversity or Bust: Now It’s Your Time Female Entrepreneurs

If you were to judge what is happening with gender discrimination and sexual harassment for female founders and entrepreneurs based on what you’ve read in the news, or have seen the many disheartening research studies and articles about the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley, you’d be likely to have drawn a cynical conclusion.

Companies not walking the walk when it comes to diversity, study says

To be truly innovative, “multiple, highly diverse perspectives are crucial,” said Mike Grandinetti, chief marketing and corporate strategy officer at Reduxio Systems. “At Reduxio, we place great value on a fundamental principle: that the best results come from an intellectually stimulating, collaborative environment with highly empowered teams with lots of autonomy.”

Data protection in an era of continuous attacks

“Many of our customers tell us that they are under continuous attack,” says Reduxio’s chief marketing and corporate strategy officer Mike Grandinetti.  “We are now seeing globally coordinated attacks by hostile foreign governments. For example, US Intelligence has established with 100% certainty that the highly publicised WannaCry virus, which took down Honda, Maersk, FedEx and the UK NHS, was perpetrated by the rogue government of North Korea.”


Mike Grandinetti explains why diversity is at the core of his hiring strategy

For Reduxio’s CMO, diversity is key to building a winning marketing organization

For Reduxio’s CMO, diversity is key to building a winning marketing organization

For Reduxio’s CMO, diversity is key to building a winning marketing organization