Hult Prize & Social Innovation

AI for Good Hackathon Opening Night with Special Guests

Excited to join the organizing team and contribute to this wonderful hackathon, where we’ll be hacking at the point of convergence of AI and social good. I will be giving a talk at the Opening Night Mixer at Galvanize on this theme as well as mentoring during the two day “hack.” Impeccable timing-my entire 8 hour class this weekend -both Saturday and Sunday – is focused entirely on AI.

Sun, October 28, 2018 | 6pm to 10pm PT


The time was Saturday, March 2, 3:25 p.m., and the local Hult International Business School team was worried. The MIT squad had already received $40,000 in funding, and there was a star team from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. Two doors down they’d seen the Stanford group rehearsing like old pros with printouts of their slides posted on a wall.

Looking for new ideas? Get yourself to the developing world [Latitude News]

We Americans may think of poorer nations as hotbeds of war and disease, a place to send our charity checks. But emerging economies are actually an invaluable breeding ground for innovations that could change lives in the U.S.In a process known as “reverse innovation,” multinational corporations are rolling out cheap, easy-to-use products in Africa, India, and China and then bringing them “home” to Western markets.