ASME TechCast – How-to-Reinvigorate-STEM-Education-Post-COVID

The COVD-19 pandemic changed how many viewed engineering education. The push towards online education highlighted new possibilities and vulnerabilities within the education sector. As schools being to reopen and students return to school, engineering colleges and universities must reevaluate their educational direction and build upon the new models established during the pandemic. Mike Grandinetti is a mechanical engineering professor, and CEO and co-founder of Global Venture Catalyst, a new model of professional education that leverages data and AI to connect professionals and students through project-based learning. He speaks with ASME TechCast on the state of education and how the model can pivot in the digital age.

Strategic Leadership with Paul Gilbert

Guest Mike Grandinetti shares insights about transformative leadership and how he teaches his students to stay relevant and innovative in a world that is always changing.

Disruptive Innovation Podcast

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How to Run A Hackathon to Boost Innovation Within Your Company

Mike Grandinetti has attended quite a few hackathons and contrary to popular belief, they don’t all need to be focused on coding. Instead, hackathons can be just as powerful for marketing, sales, and operations teams.

Why diversity is the key to winning in the global economy

If you think about how complex the world is today, and how quickly information is coming at us, you need people with multiple perspectives, multiple viewpoints, multiple sets of experiences to provide a holistic view of what’s really happening in the world.